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Best air mattresses for hospital bed

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Camping excursions, infrequent guests, patients at home, and patients in hospitals are all excellent uses for air beds. A person’s comfort will aid in their rehabilitation when a medical illness afflicts them, so your priority should be to ensure they are comfortable. Due to their ability to be adjusted in firmness to the patient’s requirements, airbeds are excellent for post-operative healing. 

The capacities of air mattresses can differ. Standard models that offer a minimal level of comfort are available, but you can also find high-end air mattresses that offer varying air pressures and movements all around the mattress. In many aspects of healthcare, pressure is a major problem, but it is especially important for senior patients who consume a lot of time sitting or lying down. Decubitus ulcers are the same as these pressure wounds.

We’ll go through the several types of air mattresses that hospital beds use in this post and advise you on determining the right one.

Med Aire Plus Defined Perimeter Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System

How do air mattresses help?

Pressure ulcers and sores develop when the skin and underlying tissues are deprived of oxygen. When we consume several hours a day in the same position, blood flow to some areas of our body, particularly boney ones, is more likely to diminish. Air mattresses assist in avoiding the occurrence of this in the first place. They’re frequently called “anti-decubitus mattresses.”

The air prevents pressure buildups by employing various movements and patterns. As a result, this prevents pressure injuries from developing and encourages better circulation in the body’s most sensitive organs.

microAIR True Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Bariatric Mattress

What is pressure relief in an air mattress?

High-pressure areas of the body are specifically targeted by pressure relief in air mattresses, which lowers the pressure there. For instance, if someone finds that their calves, elbows, and shoulder blades experience a lot of pressure while lying in bed, it can adjust the air mattress to have less air in those areas. 

Foam is frequently found in anti-decubitus or air mattresses that provide good pressure relief. It increases the user’s comfort and flexibility when using the mattress for an extended time.

Top picks air mattresses for your hospital bed

Finding the ideal hospital bed is difficult, but finding the ideal air mattresses for a hospital bed is much more challenging. Air mattresses are used in hospitals to aid with patient recovery and safety. Lateral rotation mattresses, bedsore mattresses, and regular medical air mattresses are a few types of hospital air mattresses. Here are the top picks for air mattresses for a hospital bed.

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