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 Wheelchairs & Accessories – Whether you are mobile enough to maneuver a manual wheelchair on your own, or you need a caregiver transport chair or an electric power wheelchair, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit in no time. With free, fast shipping on all of our wheelchairs, AvaCare Medical is your number one wheelchair source

Wheelchairs & Accessories

When choosing a wheelchair, you can choose standard, lightweight or heavy duty depending on your needs and your budget. Lightweight chairs are lighter and easier to maneuver, while heavy duty or bariatric wheelchairs are intended to support heavier users. You can also find wheel chairs with reclining backs, some of which allow for infinite adjustments up to 180°.

We also offer a full line of cushions and accessories designed to make your life – and your chair – easier and more pleasant.

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Choosing a Wheelchair Based on Mobility Levels

The perfect wheelchair for you will depend on many factors. One crucial aspect to consider when choosing a wheelchair is your mobility level, because the type of wheelchair that will be best for your needs largely depends on your physical capacity level.

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is a practical option if you have enough physical energy to push the chair around. Self-propelled wheelchairs require a substantial amount of effort to turn the wheels forward and move around. If you have typical, above, or average upper body strength, then this cost-effective wheelchair may be a relevant choice for you. An added bonus of using this wheelchair is that a manual wheelchair necessitates physical activity, incorporating more exercise into the user’s daily life and steadily increasing their arm strength.

Electric Wheelchair

An electric wheelchair costs more than a manual one, but requires less physical stamina. The power wheelchair has a user-friendly joystick, which allows you to navigate where you go easily. It provides you with maximum independence, and is easy to steer and maneuver around.

Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is similar to the electric wheelchair in that it is electric in that they both allow you to move around independently with little to no effort on your part. However, in order to use an electric scooter, you’d need a little more mobility than what is required to drive an electric wheelchair. Aside from hand-finger coordination, which is a necessary skill to operate the wheelchair, individuals who would like to ride an electric scooter should possess the following capabilities to ensure that this is a safe, practical mode of transportation for them:

  1. You are fine with sitting down and standing up on your own; doing so will in no way pose a threat to your safety.
  2. You are able to attain and maintain a proper sitting balance.

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