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URINE COLLECTION – Portable urinals are an important part of incontinence management for individuals who find it hard to get to a bathroom on time. Home urinals are gender specific and available for both men and women. Get a plastic urinal for near the bed and another for the car so you’re always covered in case of an emergency.


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You can get a female urinal here, although some women prefer to use a bedpan. Bedpans can also be used by both genders for bowel movements.

When bowel incontinence is an issue, especially if the stool is loose or semi-formed, incontinence liners are not ideal. Instead, consider using fecal collectors, which help avoid skin damage and frequent, messy changes by keeping the feces off the skin for up to 48 hours. Fecal collectors easily attach to collection devices for constant draining.


For women unable to get out of bed to use the toilet, female urinals can be invaluable. These devices are especially designed to fit the female anatomy and be convenient to the user. Women’s urinals are portable and help retain urine securely until the user can dispose of the contents and clean the container.

Who Needs a Female Urinal?

Female portable urinals are designed to prevent leaks and spills while meeting the urological needs of patients, the elderly, and those who find it difficult to get out of the bed. These urinals prove especially helpful for women recovering from surgery, since some mobility issues can make bathroom visits difficult to impossible and may persist for years following certain procedures.

Urine bottles for women help these patients relieve themselves while preserving their dignity. They also provide invaluable support to caregivers who assist in these tasks. The popularity of female urinals has increased in recent years due to their utility for patients and nursing staff. Female urinals also have less-well-known applications in such arenas as camping excursions and road trips. 

Types of Female Urinals

Handheld female urinals are recommended for people who have limited mobility but who can still support themselves when standing or sitting. These female portable urinals are also helpful if one would like to dispose of the urine in the device without assistance and reuse it later. Several different styles of hand-held female urinals exist, some of which include jug-shaped, bottle-shaped, dish-shaped, and models featuring molding with a drainage bag attached. Learn more

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