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Gel Seat Cushion

If you’re looking for a great gel seat cushion for your wheelchair, AvaCare Medical’s line of select products may be the right choice for you. When you are sitting for long periods of time, a gel cushion for wheelchairs can greatly enhance your long-term sitting experience. There are many benefits to using a gel cushion; it can greatly increase comfort, security, stability, and more.
Types of Wheelchair Gel Seat Cushions
While many people view gel cushions simply as an accessory pad, there are indeed numerous types of wheelchair gel cushions. Most premium gel chair cushions offer advanced pressure relief and positioning by using advanced technology and lightweight medical-grade materials. There are T-Gel™ cushions which are made of a special gel that mimics our own natural body tissues. This technology allows movement with the skin in order to reduce friction. It is ideal for pressure sores and provides better relief from friction sores as well.

Other gel cushions provide the same natural response as our skin as well, and they are able to adapt to natural positioning and provide extra support just the same as T-Gel, but without the added price tag. Other wheelchair gel cushions are made in combination with foam in order to achieve maximum pressure relief and add more comfort for the user by aiding in positioning stability. These go by many names and are often called “hybrid” cushions. Many come with a cover to protect the user. At AvaCare Medical, every gel cushion for wheelchairs does indeed come with a cover which also protects the gel pad itself from extensive wear and tear.


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