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Ships from Canada Disposable Black/Blue/Pink Face Masks

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Light weight and easy to use. One-time single use, disposable masks. Manufactured in a sterile facility. Samples are tested regularly to ensure contaminants are being prevented from entering and exiting. Non-medical 3-ply disposable masks with high built quality. Comes with elastic ear loops for Comes with plastic wire for support around nose. The inside of the mask is skin friendly as it is not dyed with color or chemical.

Ships from Canada– Pack of 50 Disposable Black/Blue/Pink Face Masks, 3-Ply, Ear Loop. Protective, breathable, dust-proof, 3 layer mask. Non-Medical Protective Disposable Mask for everyday use. (Black)

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Color Name:Black

DO NOT buy from other Sellers, they are FAKE, Only Buy from Sana Distributors for genuine product.

There are many sellers selling fake items of low quality and it will take too long to get it delivered if you buy from them (sometimes months)

When you place order, please make sure you BUY from Sana Distributors for 100% genuine product and get it delivered fast. We ship from Canada along with valid tracking number

Non-medical 3 ply disposable face masks for everyday use. Made for single use. 1 box contains 50 high quality face masks comes in a sealed pack. Made in China under sterile facility. Stocked in Canada and will be sent and shipped at the earliest from Canada with valid tracking details.

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Ships from Canada Disposable Black/Blue/Pink Face Masks
Ships from Canada Disposable Black/Blue/Pink Face Masks
$11.99 $15.99

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