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Quickly cools to regulate body temperature for thermal relief

Quickly cools to regulate body temperature for thermal relief
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Perks of Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband Immediate hot flash relief Helps user fall asleep and stay asleep Created for Women and Men Award-winning design Innovative and comprehensive solutions Embr Wave 2 can help balance the body's temperature

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Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband is a unisex wristband that gives users immediate relief from hot flashes and menopause symptoms. It helps the user to fight hot flashes, night sweats & anxiety at the press of a button. The wristband works by emitting gentle waves of warmth or coolness to the wrist, which can then help to regulate body temperature and alleviate symptoms. Embr Wave 2 hot flash bracelet quickly cools or warms to regulate body temperature for thermal relief from menopausal hot flashes. It provides the healing power of warmth to men who experience hot flashes due to prostate cancer. This cooling bracelet for hot flashes provides immediate cooling comfort that users may need whenever and wherever they are.

Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband for Hot Flashes & Menopause Symptoms

Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband Warranty
1-Year Warranty

How to clean Embr Wave 2 Wristband?

  • Use a soft cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush to wipe down your Embr wave 2 thermal wristband on a regular basis.
  • For tougher scuffs or marks, clean your Wave 2 using a cloth or toothbrush lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or water.
  • Please do not spray your Wave 2 with running water (for example, do not use a pressurized hose or a sink faucet).
  • Use only a very lightly damp cloth when cleaning around the buttons.

Ember Wave 2 Hot Flash & Menopause Symptoms Relief Quick Start Guide

Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband for Hot Flashes & Menopause Symptoms

Product Info

5 Reasons to Choose
How does Embr Wave 2 provide instant cooling?
For Women During Menopause
For Men after Prostate Surgery

Features of Embr Wave 2 Hot Flash Bracelet

  • Modes to manage nighttime hot flash disruptions and improve sleep
  • Discreet and stylish design
  • A seamless solution that won’t slow you down
  • Delivers precisely engineered patterns of temperature sensations
  • Embr Wave can help with controlling hot flashes:
    • Over 2x improvement in hot flash control
    • Reduced hot flash interference with daily life
    • Less discomfort when a hot flash occurs
  • Falling asleep and feeling more rested:
Sleep Better at Night

5 Reasons to Choose Embr Wave 2 Wristband

  1. This is the coolest Wave ever:
    • The Wave 2 can reach lower temperatures and create cooler, more powerful sensations than any other device.
    • Using either the app or the Wave’s buttons, user can fine-tune their comfort over 9 temperature levels.
  2. It is smaller, lighter, and even more comfortable to wear:
    • The new Wave is more than 20% lighter with a more compact, ergonomic form factor.
    • It is so comfortable that users might even forget they are wearing it.
    • With a smaller ceramic plate, testers rated the cooling and warming sensations of Wave 2 as more powerful compared to Wave 1.
  3. An award-winning design that can turn heads or slip under the radar:
    • The Wave 2 is sleek, modern, and minimalist but also stylish and beautiful.
  4. Better battery life means the Wave 2 is ready when you need it:
    • Improved thermal sensations in Wave 2, which means the user can warm up or cool down even longer on a single charge.
    • All Night session options can be set to run for 7-9 hours.
  5. A brand new app, designed just for user:
    • Use the app to explore new thermal sensations or customize how the buttons on your Wave function.
    • Adding new features to help users get the most out of their Wave.
  • When you need relief the most, Embr Wave’s patented technology provides highly precise cooling or warming Thermal Waves at the touch of a button.
  • A solution that has been clinically proven to be secure and efficient for controlling hot flashes, cold flashes, night sweats, and disturbed sleep.
    • Better sleep at night.
    • Better all-day comfort.
    • Better control anytime, anywhere.
  • Wave 2 is a non-medicinal solution for hot flashes in women (natural menopause, menopause induced by surgery, and/or cancer treatment).
  • With Wave 2, no more dealing with hot flashes coming at the wrong time, as it will give you relief anytime and anywhere.
  • No need to worry about menopause symptoms like night sweats, chills, and disrupted sleep with Embr Wave 2 Warming and Cooling Bracelet
ABC Fitting Robe

ABC Fitting Robe

  • Gives men a discreet and convenient option for managing their hot flashes at the press of a button, so no one needs to know, and nothing needs to get in your way.
  • The typical treatment for prostate cancer can involve surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy.
  • Decreases the male hormone testosterone to such a degree that men begin to experience debilitating hot flashes.
  • Helps in conducting milestone prostate cancer research that will empower men to achieve an enhanced quality of life through better hot flash management.
A Brief Guide to Prostate Cancer

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How to use Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband?


Quickly cools to regulate body temperature for thermal relief
Quickly cools to regulate body temperature for thermal relief
$299.00 $403.65


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