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Overbed Tables

Your comfort and convenience can be enhanced with an overbed table or hospital bed table, allowing you to eat and perform other tasks from the comfort of your bed. For the bedridden, an over-the-bed table is a great way to make various tasks more accessible even from the confines of bed.


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Deluxe Overbed Table / Wheelchair Desk - Each

Carex Deluxe Overbed Table / Wheelchair Desk

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Carex Home Overbed Table, Adjustable, Stylish

Home Overbed Table – Adjustable, Clinical hospital look

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Features two table surfaces; a larger one that tilts in either direction and a smaller one that stays securely in place

Multi-Purpose Tilt-Top Split Overbed Table

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Overbed Table w/ C-Style Base

Overbed Table gives a portable flat surface making it easier

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Overbed Table w/ C-Style Base

Overbed Table w/ C-Style Base

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The Omni Tray from Stander

The Omni Tray from Stander gives you the convenience of a TV Table

Whether you are bound to bed, or just want to cozy up in bed and play a table-top game, a hospital table (often referred to as a hospital tray) is the perfect way to give you access to activities that would otherwise be impossible in bed.

About Overbed Tables

Often utilized by care facilities, hospitals, and other medical facilities, the overbed table is a mobile staple which many nursing homes provide each patient with. The tray on it can usually be adjusted so that it is immediately above the wheelchair or bed, and within the patient’s reach. Oftentimes, an overbed table can be tilted until it is in the position the patient desires, so that the patient can read a newspaper without craning his head. The overbed table serves the purpose of a typical table, only it can be utilized even when the person is sitting in a wheelchair or bed.

Home and hospital overbed tables are movable and are height adjustable to fit over your mattress. Thanks to this feature, they can often double up as a convenient table surface when sitting in a chair, on a couch or in a wheelchair. Be sure to check the height range of the overbed table you are considering if this is a feature that is important to you.

Since hospital bed tables are designed with a base that rolls under the bed, another thing you should consider is how much space there is underneath your bed frame before making your final purchase. Other things to consider when making a purchase include the size and style you want. You can find bariatric overbed tables, tilt overbed tables, and a variety of base types, colors and finishes to choose from.

Overbed Table Types

There are several types of hospital bed tables to choose from, including the following:

  • Tilt Top Overbed Table: These tables for over the bed are great for reading, allowing you to tilt the table surface so you can read more comfortably.
  • Non-tilt Overbed Table: A flat surface is ideal for users who will primarily use their overbed table for activities such as eating and playing table-top games.
  • Heavy Duty Overbed Table: Bariatric overbed tables are designed to support higher weights (when the wheels are in the locked position) with up to 500 lb weight capacity.
  • Auto-touch Overbed Table: You can control the height of your table with a light touch when you purchase an auto-touch overbed table.


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