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Ortho-Glass® Splint Roll Minimum water needed to activate

Ortho-Glass® Splint Roll Minimum water needed to activate

5 inches x 15 feet Its easy-stretch padding covers all edges, while its patented roll form eliminates any wasted product No wrong side application

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    Sell UOM:CS
    Manufacturer Name:BSN Medical
    Manufacturer Number:OG-5L2
    Application:Splint Roll
    Brand or Series:Ortho-Glass®
    Dimension UOM:IC
    Weight UOM:LB
    Dimensions:5 Inch X 15 Foot
    Quantity Per Sell:2

    Ortho-Glass Splint Roll, 5"X15', 2 Each / Case
    Ortho-Glass Splint Roll, 5″X15′, 2 Each / Case


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    Ortho-Glass® Splint Roll Minimum water needed to activate
    Ortho-Glass® Splint Roll Minimum water needed to activate


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