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Protect or restore your health with our full range of OTC medicine and drugs for the whole family. Reduce fever and pain, soothe a sore throat, improve your digestive health, minimize allergies and more with brand name over the counter drugs!

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Online Home Health Supplies

The best way to shop for home health supplies has arrived! With AvaCare Medical’s ePharmacy, it’s easy to find everything you need to feel better without leaving home.

Medicine and drugs

At our ePharmacy, we carry all the products you’d expect to see in the aisles of your local pharmacy. With treatments for pain, cold, sore throats and allergies, to hygiene products, baby products, vitamins and more, our huge variety of health and wellness items means you’ll always find exactly what you need. With a bigger selection than most pharmacies and a more knowledgeable staff than most retailers, the AvaCare ePharmacy is the only place you’ll need to go for perfect satisfaction.

Medicine & Health: Medicine and drugs-Shop by condition with this collection of products for treating common health problems including cold, cough, fever, allergies, hemorrhoids, nausea and general pain.

Skin Care: Give your skin a new chance at a healthy life with body lotion, facial care products, itch and burn care, sunblock and more. Go ahead; your skin will thank you!

Personal Hygiene: Showering, shaving and odor control are easy with the right products. Check out our assortment of men’s and women’s hygiene products, as well as toiletries, gender-specific incontinence supplies, tissues and more. 

Baby Care: Only the best is good enough for our smallest charges, and at AvaCare we aim to do just that. Browse our full range of baby health products, from medications to skin care to diapers to formula.

In addition to these categories, we also carry an array of foot, eye, and oral care products, diet & nutrition supplies, first aid products and much more. And of course, if you can’t find it on the site, simply give us a call; our trained reps will be more than happy to help!


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