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Manual wheelchairs are the most basic type of wheelchair available on the market for seniors and other individuals with limited mobility. Find all the features and benefits you need on DVH Medical now. We offer a full selection of self-propelled wheelchair in various sizes, designed for both elderly and disabled individuals.

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Find all the features and benefits you need on DVH Medical now.

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The prime benefit of using a wheelchair is that it allows these people to maintain an active lifestyle regardless of their physical ability. These traditional wheelchairs require users to employ upper-body aerobic exercise to maneuver the chair. There are different manual wheelchair models in various sizes, with various levels of comfort.

Types of Manual Wheelchairs

Self-propelled manual wheelchairs are either pushed by a caregiver or maneuvered with the individual’s own upper body strength. The user will use his hands on the wheels to move and steer. These are commonly seen as regular wheelchairs, as they are rather basic in comparison to powered wheelchairs. The following are some of the types of self-propelled wheelchairs available:

Folding: While most manual wheelchairs fold for easy transport and storage, some can be more compact than others. Folding manual wheelchairs are easier to manage since they feature lightweight construction, and are sized in a way that makes folding it an easy process.

Lightweight: Lightweight wheelchairs offer users the ability to maneuver with less effort. Users and caregivers are able to fold them quickly and easily for storage and transport. Take note that lightweight frames may not be suitable for bariatric use. One should ascertain before use whether or not the wheelchair can accommodate the required weight. 

Bariatric: Bariatric manual wheelchairs often have a more durable frame, as well as a wider seat width to accommodate bariatric patients. These chairs may weigh more due to the extra-heavy construction material which is needed for durability. Learn more

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