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Natural Life

Our Story
The Natural Life story begins almost 30 years ago with the chance discovery of a native beehive in a Sydney backyard. For Antony Adare, that give was a source of daily fascination. Eager to understand what the bees were up to, Antony established a hobby hive for himself. This became the inspiration for his brand, Natural Life™.

Sweeter Than Honey

Harvesting raw honey to share with friends and family was a joy for Antony, but discovering the health benefits of less-known products was the real treat…

The Power of Propolis

Using Propolis to treat his children’s cuts, abrasions and sore throats, Antony developed the first two products in the Natural Life family: Propolis Tincture and Propolis & Manuka Honey Spray. This natural healing antibacterial duo became the backbone of the Natural Life™ range. To this day, they remain among our most popular products.

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Omega 3 may assist reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
9 months ago


Natural Life
Helps to promote healthy heart and immune function Helps to promote healthy brain and nerve function Symptomatic relief from osteoarthritis Treatment of psoriasis Management of allergies Helps to maintain healthy eyes Helps to support mood, learning and behaviour
Royal Jelly freshThe ultimate way to maximise the health benefits 
EXCELLENTNatural Life™ Royal Jelly Fresh is 100% pure, fresh Royal Jelly. We carefully package our fresh Royal Jelly for delivery to maintain the freshness and integrity of the product. ...
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Growing Bigger... Getting Better

With growing demand and an expanding range of products, sustainability became a priority for Natural Life™. Over time, Antony built wonderful working partnerships with a network of committed, ethical beekeepers across Australia. Their love and passion for bees and bee populations ensures Natural Life™ has a consistent supply of premium quality raw materials with genuinely sustainable beekeeping practices.

The First And The Best

Being the first Australian company to product bee health products had both benefits and drawbacks. Antony and his team worked tirelessly to produce superior quality products that met the exceptional standards of the TGA and complied with GMP regulations. As more people discovered the amazing health benefits of Propolis, Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey, Natural Life™ grew and thrived. It was only a matter of time however, before competing products emerged, many with questionable quality and ingredients. This only served to sharpen our commitment to high standards and premium materials. We continuously work with our manufacturers, suppliers and regulators to ensure Natural Life™ maintains the premium quality and potent activity that made our products the best in the first place.

Growing Bigger... Getting Better

Crossing Boundaries

As our products gained popularity, demand grew in unexpected parts of the world. Navigating various export and regulatory issues, as well as language and cultural differences has been challenging, but exciting. As a small family-owned Australian business, this required Antony himself to spend lots of time away from home and family, setting up and growing the business. There have certainly been some sacrifices, but we’re proud to say Natural Life™ is now available in major cities from Japan to Korea, South East Asia and the Middle East. And we wouldn’t have it any other

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Bee-ing An Expert

Australian TGA regulations for natural health products are some of the toughest in the world. Regulations relating to raw material selection, bioactivity, production, claims and even promotions are higher than for medical grade foods and more rigorous than the US FDA. Complying with these regulations for so many products over so many years gives us a superior understanding of the process, a formula for excellence and road-map for making products that meet the TGA – and our own – exceptional standards.

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