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Clinically tested to heal burns faster and with less pain 

Clinically tested to heal burns faster and with less pain 
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The safetac technology layers of Mepilex Ag Foam Dressing allow the dressings to be changed without damaging the wound or additional pain to the patient. It may reduce odor also. Mepilex Ag Silver Antimicrobial Dressing is clinically tested to heal burns faster and with less pain.

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Mepilex Ag Antimicrobial Dressing with Safetac is a soft and highly comfortable foam dressing that absorbs low to medium exudate and maintains a moist wound environment. 

Mepilex Ag Antimicrobial Dressing

Molnlycke Mepilex Ag Antimicrobial Absorbent Foam Dressing


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Highlights of Mepilex Ag Antimicrobial Foam Dressing with Safetac

  • Low to moderate wound exudate
  • Fights infections 
  • Less skin irritation and allergy
  • Ideal for treating burns
  • Best for under compression bandages
  • Minimizes pain and trauma
  • Used for several days depending on the condition of the wound
Uses of Mepilex Ag Foam Dressing with Safetac
Directions for use
  • Molnlycke Mepilex Ag Antimicrobial Wound Dressing minimizes pain and skin damage at dressing changes
  • Rapid and sustained antimicrobial activity
  • Gentle adherence, conformable and soft
  • Bacteria-lifting elements that prevent infection
  • Promotes patient comfort during wear
  • Stays in place allowing easy application of Compression Bandages or retention bandages
  • Well suited for use under compression bandages
  • May be adjusted without losing its adherent properties
  • Low potential for skin irritation and allergy
  • May be cut to suit various wound shapes and difficult-to-dress locations
  • May remain in place for several days depending on the condition of the wound

When to use Mepilex Ag Antimicrobial Dressing?

  • Low to medium exudation
  • Painful wound
  • Fragile skin
  • Foot ulcer
  • Leg ulcer
  • BurnPressure ulcer
  • Under compression bandaging

How to use Mepilex Ag Silver Dressing with Safetac?

Only Mepilex Ag Dressing with Safetac combines the best of two superior technologies – the antimicrobial action of ionic silver with the benefits of Safetac soft silicone technology. Topical Silicone has been shown to have a positive impact on hypertrophic and keloid scars. It may take from 3 to 12 months or longer to improve an old scar, depending on the condition of the scar tissue. For prophylactic treatment, Mepiform should be used for 2 to 6 months, depending on the condition of the scar tissue.

mepilex ag

For best results choose a size that will allow Mepilex Ag to extend at least 2 cm beyond the wound margins. Cleanse the wound with normal saline or water according to standard clinical protocol. Dry the surrounding skin thoroughly.

mepilex ag dressing

Remove the protective backing and apply with the adherent side to the wound. Do not stretch. For lower limb applications position Mepilex Ag slightly off centre so more of the dressing rests below the wound than above.

mepilex ag foam dressing 4x4

Secure Mepilex Ag in place with Mepitac or other fixation device. (Note: Mepilex Ag may be cut to size if required)

Molnlycke Mepilex Ag Silver Foam Dressing- Instruction Manual

How Safetac technology Work?

Safetac technology is a clinically proven adhesive that causes less pain at the time of removal. This molds to the skin’s uneven surface pores, while other adherents simply stick to the top on the skin’s surface, and this molding action is the secret of minimizing the pain, wound, and skin damage. It seals the edges of the wound and protects the skin around the wound.

Safetac technology makes dressing changes less painful because:

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Safetac technology conforms to the skin’s pores, sealing the wound.

mepilex ag foam

No skin cells are stripped when a dressing with Safetac technology is removed.

mepilex ag foam dressing

Safetac technology adhesive seals the wound margins, keeping the skin around the wound dry

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Clinically tested to heal burns faster and with less pain 
Clinically tested to heal burns faster and with less pain 
$13.09 $21.81


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