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Rehabilitative Therapies

What is rehabilitative therapy?
Rehabilitative therapy is an umbrella term used to describe a range of therapies based on some primary goals that may include recovering from a long-term illness or injury, stroke, cardiac problems, surgical procedures, etc.

These therapies help us regain our functional abilities before they are lost due to these events. After you or a loved one have undergone an injury or illness while recovering from surgery, your doctor may recommend rehabilitation to speed up the recovery process. Rehabilitative therapy is carried out by trained therapists in controlled environments and helps in

Speeding up the healing process
Regain strength
Re-learn lost skills
Find new ways to do daily tasks easily that may become difficult after injury or surgery.

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Rehabilitation Therapy Types
1. Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy or Physical rehabilitation programs are aimed to improve body movements affected due to any injury or illness. It targets the injured body part to restore movement, strength, stability, or function to the maximum possible. Physical therapists do so with the help of targeted exercises and various other physical therapy equipment. If you or a loved one are experiencing pain, stiffness, or loss of function in any part of your body, you can consult a physical therapist who will help you get back to normal.

Physical Therapy Benefits:
Relieves pain and stiffness
Improves the joint range of motion
Rehabilitation after a stroke
Manage chronic illnesses like Heart Disease, Arthritis
It gets you able to use assistive devices for daily living.
Recovery after childbirth
Recovery from sports injuries
2. Occupational Therapy
The word occupation means something that keeps you busy. It may be routine tasks, including self-care practices like toileting, bathing, dressing, or grooming. Carrying out these tasks may be different for everyone. Therapy sessions with your occupational therapists may include exercises to:

Restore balance
Improve motor skills (especially fine motor skills)
Increase lost functional ability by use of adaptive equipment.
Occupational therapy aims to enable individuals to live independent lives and participate in activities they love for a more satisfying lifestyle.

3. Pulmonary Rehabilitation
It is a therapy designed to enhance an individual’s lung function and improve their breathing capacity. Breathing disorders can hamper your quality of life to a great extent. Respiratory treatment helps in reducing the impact of such conditions. Respiratory therapists are trained professionals who work towards:

Decrease respiratory distress
Clear Airways and maintain the state
Train users to use inhalers or supplemental oxygen properly.
4. Cognitive Rehabilitation
Cognitive therapists are professionals who intervene to improve a person’s ability to perform cognitive tasks and improve memory, reasoning, and thinking abilities. Cognitive therapy works with patients to retain previously learned skills and teach new compensatory strategies.

5. Balance therapy
Balance therapy programs are designed for individuals with balance problems. It is given to improve conditions like

Improper gait
Improper posture
Difficulty in taking steps while walking
Unsteady posture


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