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Wheelchair Cushions

Manual wheelchairs don’t always come with extra padding or a captain’s seats like other wheelchairs, so when that is the case, wheelchair cushions may be needed for added comfort. AvaCare Medical offers an exceptional supply of wheelchair pads from the top manufacturers on the market. There are also many benefits you can get from a wheelchair seat cushion, aside from just comfort

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Why Wheelchair Cushions Are Necessary
Some people don’t mind not having a cushion during short transports, or during just short-term daily use. But such prolonged use can lead to many discomfort and pressure related problems if a user is confined to the wheelchair frequently throughout the day or in it for long-term use. Whether the patient uses a power wheelchair or transport chair, a cushion can greatly help users be not only more comfortable, but also safer and healthier.

More than Just Comfort
Wheelchair seat cushions provide extra padding that keeps the user happy and comfortable, but there are many more practical uses for different types. Medical seating cushions are made to enhance certain things that elderly or handicapped people can’t really control as much, from moisture absorption to pressure relief, bedsore relief, and sore prevention. They also offer exceptional positioning stability for improved posture. Therefore, it’s important to choose the medical cushion that a person actually needs. Here are some wheelchair cushion types that are on the market:


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