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Power Wheelchairs

For independent individuals with less mobility, a power wheelchair allows for the freedom of self-navigation without the rigors of a manual wheelchair. At AvaCare Medical, we offer a full line of electric wheelchairs with the accessories and features you need

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What Are Power Chairs?
Motorized wheelchairs are ideal for users with low mobility who want to remain independent. Power wheelchairs require very little effort to maneuver – in fact, it is the easiest wheelchair type (aside from manual wheelchairs in some cases) to maneuver, and requires less exertion to navigate than manual wheelchairs as well as medical scooters. Electric wheelchairs are controlled with a joystick that allows users to easily point the wheelchair in the direction they want to go.

Weight Capacity of Power Chairs
Electric Wheelchairs can handle various weight loads aside from the motor and tare weight of the motorized chair itself. On average, most standard wheelchairs in our inventory can hold any individual weighing under 300 pounds, and the heavy duty electric power chairs can bear any amount of weight up to 450 pounds. So, whether one weighs 100 pounds or 400 pounds, he can find a chair on AvaCare Medical that will provide him with adequate support, and allow him to stay as secure and mobile as possible.

If someone is interested in purchasing a new electric wheelchair or electric transport chair, he should try to choose the next weight capacity above his current weight, even though he may be safe if his weight is above (but considerably close to) the weight capacity of a lower-tier chair. Getting a wheelchair that has a greater weight capacity than the user requires is well advised because doing so is likely to increase the lifespan of the wheelchair motor. Furthermore, using a wheelchair with an incorrect weight limit can potentially void the warranty, as is often mentioned in the product manual of the wheelchair.


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