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Knee Walkers

A knee scooter, or knee walker, is a great walking aid for those who have limited weight bearing capability in one leg. Knee scooters serve as a convenient and contemporary crutch alternative and are equipped with a platform to support the weak or injured knee for easier mobility. Knee walker scooters are often preferred because of their increased stability over crutches, as well as their ease of use, making it easier and quicker for users to get around despite their limitations

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Knee walkers are designed to support users with either a left or right below-the-knee injury or foot ulcer. With three or four wheel options, the platform walker will allow you to get moving despite the limitations of injury or disability.

When considering your leg scooter options, keep in mind that some varieties come standard with a storage bag or basket and/or a cup holder for convenient, hands-free transportation of personal items and drinks. You can also choose a frame color to suit your style, as well as the brake style that you feel most comfortable with – either single, one-handed braking or a dual-braking system that allows for quicker stopping.


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