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Whether you’re looking for the more common forearm crutches or axillary crutches, we have your needs covered. When a leg injury has been sustained and you need to reduce or eliminate the weight borne on the injured leg, you can greatly benefit from using walking crutches for additional stability and mobility. From adult crutches to heavy duty crutches, you will find your ideal mobility aid at AvaCare Medical

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What Are Crutches?
Crutches are a walking aid often prescribed to patients to provide them with more support so they can retain some of their mobility. They do not have to necessarily be prescribed though – one can easily buy crutches here at AvaCare Medical if you need replacement crutches to walk or if you are looking for a set of medical crutches at an affordable price.

Types of Crutches
There are many different types of crutches that are available on the medical market. Each type of crutch serves a certain purpose, and is meant for use by people with specific medical issues or conditions. The most commonly purchased crutches are:


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