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At AvaCare Medical, we offer a full line of canes, so that whether you need a quad cane, a folding cane, or a seat cane, you’re at the right place. You’ll find a large selection of walking canes for sale, including aluminum and wooden canes, as well as heavy duty models for those who need more support and stability.

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Why Would Someone Need a Cane?
Medical canes offer preventative support in order to help users maintain balance as well as have access to a bit of extra stability so the user can keep weight off of a certain leg. Depending on the limitation of mobility, a person may have to use an assistive cane while he’s walking. Canes come in all different types, shapes, sizes, and even feature varying handles. Some canes even feature additional capabilities, such as the ability to fold, in order to remain compact when a person isn’t actively walking with it.

If you have minor balance issues, you may benefit from using a standard cane with a single tip. Quad canes, in contrast, have a wider base and four prongs (legs) at the bottom for added weight bearing capacity. Quad-style canes are designed with prongs that are angled outward to prevent tripping. If you need extra support and balance, but still have the strength to partially hold yourself up, you may even want to consider a walker.

We also carry many specialty walking aids, such as folding canes and seat canes. A seat cane is similar to a standard cane, but is equipped with a seat that comes in handy when one becomes tired during long walks.


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