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Belted Undergarments

Belted undergarments are a cross between incontinence pads and pull up underwear that can be worn with or without regular underwear. Also known as belted pads or belted shields, this incontinence product offers similar protection to pull-up underwear, but is more convenient since clothing don’t need to be removed for changing.

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Designed with wide, adjustable belts and open sides, belted undergarments allow for better airflow, keeping the skin cool and preventing irritation.
Although belted pads can be used with immobile patients, the area of protection may not always be wide enough to contain all leakage.
Take advantage of our money-back samples to help you find the belted shields you need. Once you find a product you’re satisfied with, you can easily set up a personalized reorder schedule with our AvaCare Express program.


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