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Bed Pads & Chucks

Bed pads and chux pads are sheets with an absorbent top layer and waterproof backing. These absorbent bed pads are designed to protect bedding, furniture and, in the case of pets, flooring, from getting soiled or damaged. At the same time, chucks pads lock away moisture to prevent urine and other bodily fluids from damaging skin.

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Why Are Bed Pads Important?
By preventing the need to replace damaged furniture, or medical equipment such as manual wheelchairs, and consistently rewash bedding, bed pads save a great deal of effort and money and make them a worthwhile investment. For individuals who struggle with incontinence, whether it’s due to aging or a physical or mental condition, bed pads can be of a real help. Nighttime can be very uncomfortable and difficult to handle, however with the correct bed pads, many things can become alot easier.
Furthermore, users of incontinence products such as bed pans, adult diapers, catheters, and/or urinals may have leakage from time to time, or not be able to make it directly to their target. In such cases, having a bed pad in place can greatly increase the cleanliness of the area that a person is sitting or lying in.
What Are Chux?
Chux are generally used as a final measure of protection when leakage occurs despite the use of wearable incontinence products such as adult diapers and pull ups. The idea for pee pads for humans are similar to the ones many use for pets as a second line of defense for incontinence. Generally, they are used with bed wetting sheets for best bed protection for incontinence.
Chux Definition: Chux are bed pads that protect beds and other surfaces from bodily fluids and can be tossed after use. Also known as chucks pads, these terms are often used interchangeably with bed pads, although they primarily refer to disposable pads as opposed to reusable bed pads.


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