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Transport Wheelchairs

A transport chair is an economical and lightweight wheelchair designed for short distance use with the help of a caregiver. A transport wheelchair, also known as a companion chair, is constructed from materials that are more lightweight, and yet is still less expensive than standard lightweight wheelchairs

What Is a Transport Wheelchair?
The average attendant chair weighs between 15 to 20 pounds and folds in seconds, making transport and storage very easy. The more manageable weight of these chairs also makes them easy to maneuver, and their compact frames fit into smaller spaces for additional convenience.

Most transport chairs have a weight capacity of 250 to 300 pounds. For heavier weight needs, look for a bariatric or heavy-duty transport chair, which can support up to 450 pounds. Best used for light or short-term purposes such as doctor’s visits, shopping trips, and occasional travel, transport wheelchairs are great to have, even if you already have a heavier, permanent wheelchair.

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