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Handicap Scooters

Many people across the country require the use of handicap scooters for transportation. Disability scooters are popularly utilized by seniors and individuals with varying levels of disabilities, in public places all over the world, such as retail stores and other settings. AvaCare Medical has some of the most popular motorized handicap scooters for sale from the top US brands in the medical industry.

How to Choose Handicap Mobility Scooters
Of course, there are factors which must be taken into consideration when choosing a mobility scooter, such as where and how the scooter’s going to be used the most, the fit of the seat height, and how easy the controls are to use. When it comes to finding an electric scooter for handicapped adults, it’s important to understand that there are also other factors to consider:

User’s Mobility Level
Depending on what type of disability the user has, this can determine exactly what a person will need in a scooter. This detail, as well as where the scooter is going to be used the most; whether indoors or outdoors, needs to be considered.

Weight Capacity for Storage
Handicapped users often use their unit to carry other items, from personal items to a full grocery load. Many of these carts don’t have a full-sized basket, but if a user wishes to purchase and attach one, he must be certain that the combined weight of all his packages plus his mass body weight does not exceed the weight capacity of the scooter. An increased load means that the battery may go dead faster, accidents can occur, and if anything goes wrong, the warranty may not cover the loss if a user is not using the scooter at the recommended weight.

The Type of Controls
Most handicapped people have mobility limitations involving more than just their legs. This is often the case when people need a scooter for seniors. Some users have problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, and if the hand controls aren’t very easy to use or the handgrips aren’t properly set right, it can cause discomfort for the user.

AvaCare Medical wants to know what kind of handicap scooter you’re looking to purchase! Our support staff is here every weekday to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will happily help you choose the right disability scooter; simply call us at 1-877-813-7799 or chat with a representative during our business hours. For all after-hours inquiries, just send us an email!

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