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A starter kit, a great place to start with vacuum therapy

A starter kit, a great place to start with vacuum therapy
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This system is a starter kit and a great place to start with vacuum therapy. Unlike the manual pump, this battery-operated pump reduces the chances of fatigue and effectively treats erectile dysfunction. It is ideal to use ImpoAid Battery Vacuum Erection Device than going through various surgeries, penile injections, or oral medications which leave harmful side effects.

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Encore Vacuum Pumps is a counter-battery-powered penis pump for erectile dysfunction. VTUE battery system features a battery pump that has a simple on/off switch for easy use.

Encore Vacuum Pumps

Encore ImpoAid Battery Vacuum Erection Device


Why choose Encore Vacuum Pumps?

  • Clinically proven therapy for impotence
  • It offers automatic pumping
  • Battery penis pump design – Simple on/off switch
  • 4 comfortable and discreet tension rings included
  • Patented ring design with discreet and maximum comfort
  • FDA registered
  • 1-year warranty
What does Encore ImpoAid Vacuum Therapy Device Include?
How does Impoaid Vacuum Therapy Device work?
How to use ImpoAid VTUE Therapy System?
  • Battery Powered Penis Pump – A user friendly vacuum pump with on/off switch to control the amount of vacuum pull on the penis.
  • 4 Tension Rings – Encore ImpoAid ring kit includes 4 incrementally sized rings to ensure the right fit. The center ring is designed to externally encircle the penis. The top and bottom rings are designed as handles for easy application and removal.
  • Durable Penile Tube – A transparent penile tube (attaches to the vacuum unit) with the new easy-to-use Ring Ejector System. Used for the insertion of the penis to be pumped to a full erection.
  • Ring Loader Cone – A mounting cone, used to help fit the ring onto the penile tube.
  • Patented Ring Ejector Sleeve – This allows perfect ring placement every time.
  • Lubricant – A sample of water-soluble lubricating jelly.
  • Body shield
  • Instructional manual

FAQs About Vacuum Erection

1. How long do you wear the Tension Ring?

The Tension Ring should be worn for no more than 30 minutes. After the ring is removed, please wait 1 hour before creating another erection.

2. What if I am not able to achieve a full erection the first time I use the system?

Practice sessions may be necessary to achieve a satisfactory erection if it has been a while since you have good potency. A practice session is when you take 5 minutes a day (for 1 to 2 weeks) and create as many erections as you can in this time period. You simply create an erection and hold it for around 5-10 seconds. You then release the pressure by pressing the “pressure release button” and you will lose the seal and the erection. After that you, you simply repeat the same procedure again and again until you have done so for 5 minutes. This will free up proper blood flow and help restore the corpora cavernosa (the two canals that fill with blood). This is a safe and effective way to rehabilitate.

3. Is there an age limit to using Vacuum Therapy?

No, there is no age limit as Vacuum Therapy works regardless of your age.

4. Will the Encore System work if I have had Prostate Cancer Surgery?

Vacuum Therapy is often used by Urologists as a proven therapy to restore potency following Radical Prostatectomy Surgery.


A starter kit, a great place to start with vacuum therapy
A starter kit, a great place to start with vacuum therapy
$107.99 $145.75


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