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A revolutionary system combines all the benefits of inelastic compression

A revolutionary system combines all the benefits of inelastic compression
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It is designed for acute drainage phase lymphedema management, patients enjoy the liberating nature of an inelastic garment system they can remove for normal hygiene and re-apply themselves without the aid of a caregiver or clinician.

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Medi USA CircAid Reduction Kit With Lower Leg Compression Wrap is a revolutionary system that combines all the benefits of inelastic compression with the advantages of a custom garment. It is trimmed to fit in the clinic and as a result adaptable to your patient’s unique needs.

Medi USA CircAid Reduction Kit With Lower Leg Compression Wrap

Brand/Manufacturer: MEDI USA

Medi USA CircAid Reduction Kit With Lower Leg Compression Wrap


  • Inelastic compression for early phase decongestion treatment of lymphedema. 
  • The garment can be easily custom-fitted in the clinic and adjusted as patient limb size reduces. 
  • Patients can independently apply and remove their garments, promoting patient independence and empowerment. 
  • Provides consistent, gradient compression all day long; say goodbye to drooping bandages. 
  • Comes with a shelf strap for additional coverage and support, as well as 1 pair of whole leg undersleeves.

CircAid Reduction Kit Lower Leg Size Chart

Circumference in cm Regular      Wide    
cC < 65 < 80
cB < 55 < 65
Length in cm    Short     Standard   Long   
e mall – D1 < 32 32 – 36 > 36
size chart

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A revolutionary system combines all the benefits of inelastic compression
A revolutionary system combines all the benefits of inelastic compression
$278.30 $375.65


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